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以下政策为学生提供了一个公平的机会,可以优雅地退出入学承诺. Please read them fully before making your request.

To view the refund, transfer or withdrawal request deadlines 对于你注册的课程,你会发现它们印在你的付款收据上. You can also find them by logging into the 加州大学洛杉矶分校的扩展 Student Portal, selecting My Enrollment History from the menu, and clicking on the blue dot next to the course in question.

Drop or Transfer a Course

您可以在最后的退款或转学日期(参见上面的说明)结束当天(太平洋时间晚上11:59)之前申请放弃一门课程或从一门课程转到同一季度的另一门课程。. Tuition fees cannot be credited to another quarter. 转学课程不收取任何行政费用.  

How to Drop or Transfer a Course:

请注意,某些转账不能通过学生门户网站进行处理. For the scenarios below, please email your transfer request to enroll@swedishbittersalcoholfree.com.

  • If a payment for your enrollment was submitted by a 3rd party
  • If you used any discounts
  • If you are trying to transfer out of a cancelled course 
  • 如果您在收到注册邀请后试图转入等候名单课程

对于退学请求:如果您的入学付款是由第三方提交的, please email your drop request to enroll@swedishbittersalcoholfree.com.


退款将自动处理,信用卡退款请预留3-6个工作日,支票退款请预留10个工作日. There are no cash refunds. 


  • 每门退费课程将扣除30美元的行政费用(同时注册的课程为50美元)。. 这不适用于加州大学洛杉矶分校延期取消的课程或在最终转学日期或之前收到的转学请求. 
  • 如课程列表所示,可能会扣留额外费用. 这些费用通常列在每门课程的详细信息和注意事项部分, 如果适用的话, and are generally earlier and the amounts withheld are higher.
  • 澳门威尼斯人候选资格和杂项申请费不予退还.

An enrollment is not transferable to another person.

金融援助 Eligibility
For students receiving financial aid, 中途退学或退出一门课程可能会影响援助资格. 看到 金融援助 Enrollment Conditions for more information.

International Student (F1 Visa)
放弃或退出一门课程可能会危及你的F-1移民身份. Please consult with International 学生服务 at iss@swedishbittersalcoholfree.com or 310-825-9351 before taking any action. 

Emergency Circumstances
If the final refund date has passed, 只有在最不寻常的情况下,并且只有在课程结束后90天内收到请求,才会考虑对课程退款政策的例外要求. 寄一封描述你的情况的信,并附上适当的文件 refundexceptions@swedishbittersalcoholfree.com

课程 Cancelled by 加州大学洛杉矶分校的扩展
加州大学洛杉矶分校的扩展 reserves the right to cancel, 如果少于要求的学生注册,则在第一堂课或之前重新安排课程或合并课程. If your course is canceled, 在第一次上课日期之前中断或重新安排, 或者如果老师不接受你参加限制课程的申请, we will contact you and issue a full refund. 

View our full Refund Policy

Withdraw from a Course

If after the final refund date, you decide to discontinue participating in your course, 在最终提款日期之前,你可以选择提款. For courses that require a final test, 一旦你有资格参加期末考试,你就不再有资格退学. 成绩为“W”将被记入您的记录,但该课程不会出现在您的成绩单上. No refunds are available for course withdrawal.

How to Withdraw from a Course:


  • 接受经济援助的学生——辍学或退出课程可能会影响援助资格. 看到 金融援助 Enrollment Conditions for more information.
  • 国际学生(F1签证)-放弃或退出课程可能会危及您的移民身份. Please consult with the International 学生服务 at iss@swedishbittersalcoholfree.com or 1-310-825-9351 before taking action.

Contact Enrollment Services

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